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“One of the things we’ve asked the legislature for is more money to create redundancy in the system, so we can provide that sense of security. Another thing we’ve asked for in Talent, is additional water storage so that even if something were to happen to the water lines in the future, we would still be able to protect our community,” said McLeod-Skinner. NBC 5: June 9, 2021

“Oregon’s working families are proud. We don’t expect the government to do everything, but we’d like a little help during the tough times,” McLeod-Skinner said. “That’s why investments in affordable housing and health care childcare, paid family leave and debt-free community college are important because that’s how we help empower families to rebuild their communities.” OPB: October 28, 2021

“To my fellow Oregonians in the new 5th Congressional District, I offer you my values and my hands-on experience,” she said, “in addressing the challenges of our time to lead us toward the promise of our future.” Willamette Week: October 28, 2021

McLeod-Skinner thanked Gamba and said she would work to increase aid for housing, health care and other issues that both said Schrader has undercut in opposing parts of President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan. Oregon Capital Insider: October 28, 2021

Like many others, I was interested to see where Deschutes County would land in the re-districting process. Now that that’s over, I am very excited that voters here will have the opportunity to choose a great candidate to represent us in new Congressional District 5. Jamie McLeod-Skinner is well known to us; she won Deschutes County when she ran against Greg Walden in 2018. We know her to be the candidate who has never taken corporate PAC money, including fossil fuel and Big Pharma contributions. This means that the voices she listens to will be ours, not corporate donors. In…

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